Récré Eau des Quinze
Hiking in Northern Témiscamingue

Lakes, rivers, and streams are the highlights on the hiking trails in Northern Témiscamingue. When hiking in this area, you can discover Lake Temiskaming, Lac des Quinze, Lac Lebret, and the Rivière des Quinze in a natural and comfortable environment.

Easy Hiking Trails in the Area

Aventures Obikoba (Obikoba Adventures - 6 km)

Made up of several small loops that vary in difficulty, this hiking trail allows you to admire Lac Lebret, a small waterfall, and most importantly, Lac des Quinze from the top of an impressive cliff.

La Tour à Feu (The Fire Tower - 1.9 km there and back)

This trail leads to a forest-fire-themed kiosk as well as a steel framework fire tower.

Île des Rapides (The Island of Rapids - 3.3 km)

This trail hugs the perimeter of a peninsula, which borders the Rivière des Quinze. Here, you will discover large boulders and majestic red pines.

Hiking trails, Récré-eau des Quinze, rivière des Quinze

Eau-de-Là trail (4 km)

On this hiking trail, interpretive signs highlight many natural phenomena and historical facts. The l’Eau-de-là trail eventually reaches the shores of Lake Temiskaming.

Becs et Jardins (1 km)

A garden stroll with fruit trees, wetlands, rockeries and indigenous plants. The farmyard and its colourful pheasants are not to be missed!

Becs et Jardins, Nédélec

Témiscamingue Nature Path (1.2 km)

Trail with interpretive signs explaining the medicinal properties of certain plants. This path also features a treetop adventure for children.

More Difficult Hiking Trails

Pouvoirs de L’eau (The Power of Water - 2 km there and back)

Through a canopy of red and white pines, this trail leads to fascinating giant’s kettles (large cavities drilled in the rocks by water currents), which are vestiges of the last Ice Age. The beautiful views of the river make one forget the harshness of the trail’s slopes.

Hiking trails, Récré-eau des Quinze, rivière des Quinze

L'Attaway (3.5 km)

There is water all along this Récré-eau des Quinze trail. Many panoramic views of the river’s islands await you.

L'Explorateur (The Explorer - 3.4 km)

This Récré-eau des Quinze trail is situated in an ancient valley on Kakake Island, where turbulent water shaped the landscape long ago. There are several natural elements to this trail, including rock shelters, mats of moss and lichen, and giant’s kettles.

Recre-eau des Quinze trails

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