Explore Rivière des Quinze

Rivière des Quinze, which is almost 25 km long, joins two of Témiscamingue’s largest bodies of water: Lake Temiskaming and Lac des Quinze. Rivière des Quinze (“river of fifteen”) is named after the fifteen rapids that used to mark its path. Rivière des Quinze holds a historical significance for the Témiscamingue area, as it was where early dams and hydropower plants were built. It was also the location of log driving. The municipalities of Notre-Dame-du-Nord and Angliers were formed at the river’s extremities.

Rivière des Quinze

Boat-launching Ramp and Marina

In Angliers, a gravel boat-launching ramp allows boaters to access to the part of the river between the Angliers dam and the Rapides-des-Quinze dam. From the marina in Notre-Dame-du-Nord, it is easy to travel all the way to Première-Chute, a hydropower plant.

Trails to Discover

Between Angliers and Notre-Dame-du-Nord, many kilometers of hiking trails bordering the Rivière des Quinze are offered to hikers.

Hiking trails, Récré-eau des Quinze, rivière des Quinze

L’Île des Rapides (Rapids Island - 3.3 km)

This trail borders a peninsula along the Rivière des Quinze. Here, you will discover large boulders and majestic red pines.

Pouvoirs de L’eau (The Power of Water - 2 km there and back)

Through a canopy of red and white pines, this trail leads to fascinating giant’s kettles (large cavities drilled in the rocks by water currents), which are vestiges of the last Ice Age. The beautiful views of the river make one forget the harshness of the trail’s slopes.

La Grande Île (The Great Island – 9.8 km)

This Récré-eau des Quinze trail has a varied landscape and borders a creek, a series of small lakes, and the Rivière des Quinze.

L’Attaway (3.5 km)

There is water alongside this Récré-eau des Quinze trail. Breathtaking panoramas of the river’s islands await you.

L'Explorateur (The Explorer - 3.4 km)

This Récré-eau des Quinze trail is situated in an ancient valley on Kakake Island, where turbulent water shaped the landscape long ago. There are several natural elements to this trail, including rock shelters, mats of moss and lichen, and giant’s kettles.

In Notre-Dame-du-Nord, a wooden boardwalk, which is well lit at night, provides an ideal path for a riverside stroll.

Picnic Area

Angliers Municipal Park, located at the foot of the Angliers dam falls, is a perfect picnic spot where you can enjoy the view of the Rivière des Quinze.

Des Quinze Dam


At the foot of the Angliers dam falls, the camping in Angliers offers a dozen locations to sleep.

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