Northern Lake Temiskaming
Explore Northern Lake Temiskaming

The north end of Lake Temiskaming is commonly known as Tête-du-lac, or lakehead in English. This is where the Rivière des Quinze flows into Lake Temiskaming. This relatively shallow portion of the lake consists of a channel and Polson bay.

The Notre-Dame-du-Nord and Timiskaming First Nations communities, which originated in this area of the lake, quickly became central to commercial activities between Temiskaming Ontario and Témiscamingue Quebec. For years, agriculture and forestry have been the powerhouses of the economy. From the beginning of the 20th century to the 1970’s, a log driving camp called La Gap was the marshaling area for logs coming from the Rivière des Quinze and the Rivière Blanche. The timber traveled through La Gap to the processing mills in southern Quebec and Ontario. These days, the Timiskaming First Nations and Notre-Dame-du-Nord communities still depend on agriculture and forestry; however, they are also involved in manufacturing as well as tourism brought on by events such as the Truck Rodeo.

Truck Rodeo, Notre-Dame-du-Nord

The Fossilarium, a museum in Notre-Dame-du-Nord, welcomes visitors who want to know about the geological history of Lake Temiskaming. The museum also organizes safari-fossil excursions where an experienced guide introduces tourists to the magic of fossil discovery on actual excavation sites.


On the eastern shore of the lake, a marina with a boat-launching pad and a public dock is available to boaters who wish to explore the lake.


On the western shore of the lake is a beach, perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

Trails to Discover

In Notre-Dame-du-Nord, you can stroll along the edge of the river on a well-lit boardwalk. You can also take the L’Eau-de-Là trail, which is located 6 km southwest of Notre-Dame-du-Nord. This beautiful trail slowly meanders its way along the banks of Lake Temiskaming. Along this 4 km trail, you will find interpretive signs that highlight the area’s natural phenomena as well as historical facts.

Picnic Area

6 km southwest of Notre-Dame-du-Nord, a rest stop with a picnic area boasts a beautiful view of Lake Temiskaming.

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