Lac des Quinze
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Lac des Quinze’s 145 square km size is impressive. This lake, which is really an extension of the Ottawa river, ultimately flows into the Rivière des Quinze. In 1909, the construction of a hydropower dam significantly elevated the lake’s water levels, effectively creating a large reservoir. Rémigny and Angliers are the two main communities in Northern Témiscamingue that border the lake. The history of this lake is inextricably linked to log driving. These days, the T.E. Draper, a stately tugboat exhibited on dry-dock at Angliers, provides a glimpse into this rich heritage.

T.E. Draper, Angliers

Marina and Boat-launching Ramps

The boat-launching ramps in Rémigny and Guérin give boaters access to the northern part of the lake while the ramp in Angliers provides access to the central part. There are several outfitters in the area that also have boat docking as well as fishing supplies.

Trails to Discover

Made up of several small loops with varying difficulty, the Aventures Obikoba trail in Rémigny provides hikers with 6 km of trail and a lovely view of Lac des Quinze from the top of an impressive cliff.

Beach to Discover

The Pin rouge family rest stop, located in Angliers, has a boat- and vehicle-accessible beach. On hot summer days, it is a lovely spot to swim.

Restaurants and Picnic Areas

The Rest-o-Pub des Quinze in Angliers is within a five-minute walk from the public dock. This restaurant is renowned for its wing nights, which take place every Friday.

Rémigny Municipal Park has a designated picnic area; from this park, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Rivière Barrière and Lac des Quinze. One of the park’s many attractions is a quaint mill wheel.

Parc de Rémigny


For accommodation near Lac des Quinze, you may opt for Le Pavillion doré, Le Pavillion Norpin, Le Pourvoirie Red Pine in Angliers, or even the Camps Ronoda Lodge in Rémigny.

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